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Posted on: March 25, 2015 by NWPD noworkingonpowderdays

It was about time to put a face to a name. NWPD would be something simple – the four initials and a half snowflake sitting like a crown on top. We let the image form itself just like that, without really giving a second thought to everything that would come about because of it.

Our first step was to order a load of stickers to put on our helmets. They turned out to be a hit, such a hit in fact that people began to ask questions, wanting more of NWPD without even knowing the story hidden behind the snowflake.

After that, our creative sides started suggesting more-some sort of accessory maybe. Something simple yet useful, a neck warmer for example, that would identify us whilst serving to keep us warm on our days of free-riding and ski-touring.

Armed with pen and paper we allowed the spirit of the brand to flourish with its unique identity inspired by a passion for nature and our favourite sport. With the motivation of our friends and family spurring us on, we kept progressing, none the wiser to the fact that we were standing on the springboard into our latest project. It occurred to us that the design and creation of products inline with our philosophy was what was motivating us to keep drawing, to keep building and to keep making our dreams a reality.

So that all of our hard work could be displayed in a way that was truly unique, the plan was to group the products together in some sort of display. This would give them the relevance necessary whilst also making them easy to identify. Ingenuity appeared once again, this time in the form of a wooden mountain made using recycled pallets and decorated with the logo, various graphics and photos. After a bit of thought  and some disassembly of salvaged wood, we sanded, glued and sawed until we had it-the customised display units that we had built with our own hands were, to us, real works of art.

All that’s left to do now is keep working so that our project continues to move forward and, if all goes well, continues to grow.

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