What is NWPD


About Us

Here at NWPD, we specialise in the creation of snowsport clothing and accessories. Our team is made up of people who are passionate about skiing, snowboarding, ski touring, splitboarding, telemarking, snowkiting and any other snowsport that you care to mention! We love to be outside, surrounded by fresh air and away from the chaos of crowds and big cities. We have chosen an alternative lifestyle so that we can get out there and enjoy the snow without having to wait for the weekend…Ski Bum Life!


What we do

The NWPD team design and create pieces that identify us and our brand as out of the ordinary. We get together for freeride sessions, ski touring days, mountain hikes with snowshoes and whenever the weather allows it, we love to go out and enjoy the full moon-all the time allowing the mountain to inspire us. When we can fit it in, we also carry out mountain workshops-safety and rescue techniques as well as ski touring for beginners. Otherwise, there’s nothing better than getting together for a couple of beers-the ‘après’ to our day at ‘work.’


Our brand

[BORN IN THE PYRENEES] We believe that a lifestyle such as ours deserves to be properly equipped-which led us to design and create pieces that make us not only feel good but that also represent us from the inside out. Right down to the last detail, each and every product has been dreamed up and created by us, our pencil and our sketchbook. We create products that are authentic, that are 100% made in the E.U. and that invest in local business.

Respect the Mountain

From all of us here at NWPD and on behalf of Mother Nature herself we would like to send out a message of awareness to all those who enjoy the natural world as much as we do. The mountain needs our respect, just as much as it needs our protection-take care of it as if it were one of your own.

Firstly, when you are up on the slopes, take all litter with you and if you overnight in or visit any mountain huts, be sure to leave them as you found them-ready for the next people to use. Let’s set an example and take good care of something that belongs to us all.

Secondly, if you are passionate about free riding or ski touring, please remember that they aren’t sports to be taken lightly. Whether you are riding within resort boundaries or outside of them, always be safe and considerate. Be sure to have on you at all times the appropriate safety and rescue equipment (transceiver, spade, probe, first aid kit) and that you always check the weather forecast and avalanche risk level for the area where you will be.

If you are inexperienced or unsure, visit a mountain safety centre where a qualified instructor will be able to take you through the basic points of safety and accident prevention. This way, you can make sure that your first trip out takes places in a secure, risk-free environment in which neither you nor those around you are in danger.



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